Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thinking like a consultant as

ICXO.COM there was such a post above:

AMT has a lot of good things the community, are also used to stroll up every day. One day, I see a "most classic words of love," the article, deep emotions. Only the day just two people with me W-jun in the office, I will this once shared. Words written in the middle section of a deep, if I put this idea to the W-jun read: "at the right time, met the right people is the happiness in life; at the right time, met the wrong people, is a heart injury; in the wrong time, met the wrong people, is a ridiculous; in the wrong time, met the right people, is a burst sigh. "finish, asked W Jun," is not very deep? "

W Jun said: "ah. ... ... This is a matrix structure." Eyes black writer, is that pops up like the following:

You can see, nothing requires a structured thinking.

About the book as just said, "Thinking like a consultant as" provides us with an understanding of the channel, an observation field of view.

It tells you the history of consulting industry legend, to teach the methods and tools you advice, introduce steps to consultation with you to analyze success and failure, but also lead you to understand the consulting firm itself.

People often say that management is a science, but also an art. Because management is a science, we can easily and studies to identify manage internal of the Philosophic and law and, through these theories guide enterprise management and development; manage the same, but is also an art, more like a " Road. " Everyone has their own understanding of management and understanding. For this reason, enterprises are not the same size and development. And management consulting is a business management research and diagnosis, then the management consultant to study whether the method adopted, but also in what manner the results of these studies into enterprise management practice?

This book may be able to answer this, and other mysteries.

No matter how much you have on the consultation to understand, this book brings a new perspective, providing a new way of thinking.

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