Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Dealers do not want fame?

The subject of research for the dealer experience, the author notes in particular dealer groups have characteristics that do not want fame, not to mention need for investment promotion activities, sometimes that is free of self-promotion opportunities, such as manufacturers to pay the outstanding packaging distributors in the media activities, media activities, the owner of an exclusive interview opportunities can take the opportunity to become famous, dealers boss not interested. Therefore, many marketing experts to promote the development of the dealer's own brand of the road are often difficult to obtain distributors their response, which can be nothing like the manufacturers, factories once their opportunities for free publicity, even the Qiaojiannaodai also try to get inside.

In short, dealers employers did not succeed, do not want to publicize himself. Everything must have a cause, this cause of the problem then? Author has carried out some analysis to a total of at you dealer friend.

鈻?the cost of misunderstanding on the publicity

Manufacturers and distributors of business personnel boss in the process of communication, like the deliberate expansion of factory investment in propaganda, as well as the complexity of information systems, 300 000 filmed commercials will say is shot out of two million, two million CCTV advertising will say 10 million. In fact, the factory workers like to say that these reasons are very simple with the intention of manufacturers to the dealers that the strength and professional degrees. However, the factory is the main distributor of learning objects, is the most important of the object. Over time, factory workers on the publicity dealer cost hi-tech brings rhetoric gave the impression that promote their own costs are high, the technical level is very complex.

Therefore, the distributor of a weigh their own boss sometimes, their hard dry last year, also the top manufacturer did not shoot commercials film on the money, see the external publicity, build their own brand that can not live dealer can play in this game , Wan Dezhuan's. In addition, people are not familiar with their areas are generally maintained a cautious and defensive mentality, dealers set up and publicity of the brand know very little tend to burn only know that this is something people can not burn the money. So we will often see dealers will repeatedly request manufacturers investing more advertising, more efforts to increase publicity, but will not promote propaganda for their own pocket, even dealers currently have a free opportunity to self-publicity, for security reasons they are not easily accepted, dealers tend to think of this front is a set of free publicity chances are it? Perhaps a little something behind the back, say the publicity is a very complex matter, would not be so simple and cheap. Although the immediate publicity for free, often there may be the mouse drag shovel, the bulk of it in the back! Safety First, such a good opportunity to find another dealer you go.

鈻?a lack of awareness programs targeted dealers

Sometimes, not the dealers do not want known. Do not promote themselves, but many of the current branding and brand communication is modeled on the design manufacturers, and distributors the fit the reality of their own poor, these programs for dealers, too complicated, the operation cycle also too long, the key is the need to put too many things, really could not handle, not afford; Also, dealers like the short-term operation, investment in the shortest possible time to see the return of foreign propaganda return often difficult to see in the short term gains, and need not cost a small effort, much deliberation, also forget it.

Lack of appropriate self-advocacy program design dealers (including short-term income plan), largely to dispel a number of dealers in terms of publicity enthusiasm.

鈻?Social Security

Although the company is a distributor, the size can be considered a business. However, this is true or not about formal enterprises, formal enterprises is a group, is there a certain group of security and self-protection. The dealers are mostly small companies, the core figure is dealer boss, as an individual, self-protection ability is poor, more importantly, the current situation of social stability, it is still not to a Lubushiyi, Night does not close the doors of the degree of hostility to the rich people are many, many people like to make life difficult for the rich, the policy for a small portion of people get rich first, this small part of the wicked often become another object of concern, not fear thieves, for fear thief misses, promote their company is claiming their money, this information is spread out once, I am afraid that attracted the thief than to be more attracted new manufacturers, if a nationwide publicity themselves, it would mean that the nation's thief are recruited to? Comprehensive personal safety and social conditions in perspective, do not reveal financial or fiscal keep it! Crying poor-mouth is always safer, the other four unassuming, so some people eyeing.

鈻?making money is not authentic

To the author's own experience and a lot of dealers distributors interview point of view, at least half the profits of dealers from the operation of the table below, for example FALSIFYING, retain market manufacturers cost of corruption together with manufacturers selling business costs, inflated goods loss, tax evasion, false accounting, insurance, and so does not apply to employees and so on. If it is perfectly legal to do business, estimated to dealers will not earn more than a high-level white-collar workers go there.

The reason why these things under the table to develop and use their secret safe living environment are inextricably linked. If once the publicity from themselves, a great reputation, will naturally be of concern to some government functions, then trouble ------銆?Among other things, the sun light of the business normalization, it is necessary to the dealer about the life of the.

鈻?balanced treatment of employees

There is an objective reality, in the same grade under the premise of the income of dealers subordinates than many low-income factory workers, low-cost employment strategy is to adhere to most dealers. Meanwhile, employees have to balance the emotions. And, in many dealers seem to promote their own strength is a reflection of more than earned his promotion; or the ability to earn. However, the boss and employee earned more than the low treatment on the contradiction. Therefore, the dealer boss in front of his employees always argue that it is not good business to do, the money more Nanzhuan, and Santianliangtou will play a small show, said there was a loss. There was a loss, in fact, intended to alleviate the grievance, balanced treatment of low staff.

In this regard, dealers that will not promote their own strength and profitability. Instead, poor-mouth, almost every dealer boss has one of the basic vocational skills, poor-mouth has a variety of purposes, at least coax employees is one of them.

鈻?willing to assume social responsibility

Fame must bear some social responsibility, and sometimes whether you want to take a total of some departments or individuals will always seek them out, and sponsorship, donations, support ------- let you push is not should not, simply fewer things the trouble, also the name of the other to climb to the rafters prior bad, or hiding behind the relatively safe.

Dealer was reluctant to publicize their own, the first factor is derived from the self-protection awareness of people, we esteem muffled fortunes, quiet village, the not fire a gun, can not speak out on the other-something onto the stage and although able to receive flowers, they may be targeting others. Coupled with the current most marketing experts, brand experts are rushing to gather on the boat for corporate services, there is little serious analysis of expert distributors, and come up with a real awareness programs for dealers, distributors also unable to receive the relevant guidance and information, first do not want to publicize their own, plus does not advertise itself, naturally, is the right to publicize the matter could not get exciting the.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thinking like a consultant as

ICXO.COM there was such a post above:

AMT has a lot of good things the community, are also used to stroll up every day. One day, I see a "most classic words of love," the article, deep emotions. Only the day just two people with me W-jun in the office, I will this once shared. Words written in the middle section of a deep, if I put this idea to the W-jun read: "at the right time, met the right people is the happiness in life; at the right time, met the wrong people, is a heart injury; in the wrong time, met the wrong people, is a ridiculous; in the wrong time, met the right people, is a burst sigh. "finish, asked W Jun," is not very deep? "

W Jun said: "ah. ... ... This is a matrix structure." Eyes black writer, is that pops up like the following:

You can see, nothing requires a structured thinking.

About the book as just said, "Thinking like a consultant as" provides us with an understanding of the channel, an observation field of view.

It tells you the history of consulting industry legend, to teach the methods and tools you advice, introduce steps to consultation with you to analyze success and failure, but also lead you to understand the consulting firm itself.

People often say that management is a science, but also an art. Because management is a science, we can easily and studies to identify manage internal of the Philosophic and law and, through these theories guide enterprise management and development; manage the same, but is also an art, more like a " Road. " Everyone has their own understanding of management and understanding. For this reason, enterprises are not the same size and development. And management consulting is a business management research and diagnosis, then the management consultant to study whether the method adopted, but also in what manner the results of these studies into enterprise management practice?

This book may be able to answer this, and other mysteries.

No matter how much you have on the consultation to understand, this book brings a new perspective, providing a new way of thinking.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Juniper continues to rank Gartner report, "Leaders Quadrant"

Continuous in the SSL VPN, WAN optimization controller market analysis leading

銆怋eijing, January 14, 2007銆?leader in high-performance networking solutions company Juniper Networks (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that Gartner, the world's leading consulting the latest release of SSL VPN and WAN optimization controllers, "Magic Quadrant" (Magic Quadrant) report, Juniper continues to rank all the Leaders Quadrant (Leader Quadrant). The report is based on the company's implementation capacity in relevant areas and the assessment of business prospects, and make a final selection.

Gartner SSL VPN Magic Quadrant report said: "ranked the leader quadrant vendors and prospects in the study of all executive power has emerged as a stable development momentum. Their market behavior increased competition within the industry benchmark, so as to promote the industrial process . "WAN optimization controller in the report, Gartner that include leading manufacturers including Juniper," to promote the growth of the market, and can provide many business users to meet the needs of the solution. "Gartner report also noted:" In WAN optimization control of a leading area supplier, their products must have included quality of service (Quality of Service, QoS), the integrity of compression (Generic Compression), transport protocol acceleration (Protocol Acceleration), and file system acceleration (File System Acceleration) and other rich functionality, while the utility function must also be arranged through the actual network environment, the test confirmed. In addition, suppliers should also have the ability to provide sales and support of the global environment. "

"Following the end of last year in the enterprise network firewall Juniper Magic Quadrant Leaders Quadrant in the ranks, we are pleased to see Juniper SSL VPN leader ranks again and WAN optimization controllers Quadrant Leaders Quadrant," Juniper Networks in China Zhang Xiaolin, general manager, said, "Juniper Secure Access SSL VPN has become the industry standard, it is the user remote access solution on the choice last. Meanwhile, Juniper continues to work on expanding WX? platform performance to help users achieve high performance of operational capacity. Juniper will continue to be committed to providing customers fast, reliable and secure access of innovative high-performance networking products, it is our user commitment, and we have one main reason of sound over the years. "

Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) Introduction

Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) of the copyright belonging to Gartner, Inc. (September 13, 2007), by permission to use. Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) graphs to represent a period of market conditions, described according to Gartner the market for some manufacturers standards (as defined by the Gartner) derived from the analysis made by comparison. Gartner Magic Quadrant for (Magic Quadrant) in the description of any vendor, product or service simply can not be guaranteed, does not advise technology used to select only in the "Leaders" quadrant vendor. Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) research purposes only and should not be as specific guidelines for action. This research reports for all of the express or implied, including sale or joint purpose in the use of any particular security, Gartner neither bear any responsibility.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaspersky: alert, "Fantasy Westward Journey" Daohao Trojan havoc

Kaspersky Labs has detected a service called "scar" of Daohao Trojan (Trojan.Win32.Scar.abnv) ravaged the network, resulting in infection of many users.

The Trojan uses UPack packers, the main target of the attack, "Fantasy Westward Journey" online games. It is usually linked through the website or download manager such as horse infect your computer. Into the computer, the Trojan will release a malicious file to a computer disk, and modify and create registry entries.

"Scar" Daohao Trojan is a major characteristic is its can run as exe, can run as a dll. Exe will be released as a load dll, but when you do run for Daohao dll. Trojan running will first examine their own start as a exe or a dll starts, although different behaviors, but the end result is the implementation of the Trojan code to steal the user's game account information online games.

Not only that, this Trojan will search for "Picture and Fax Viewer" window, and browse the picture with its intercept, the stolen account information and captured images to a remote computer, causing huge losses to computer users.

Currently, Kaspersky has been able to successfully killing "Scar" Daohao horse, we recommend that you update the virus database for killing as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PowerBuilder acquaintance

PowerBuilder is the most popular database front-end development tools, and this is no doubt. Those who have used PowerBuilder programmers have a common experience, that is, relative to other client / server development tool case, PowerBuilder development environment provides not only convenient, extremely powerful functionality, is the ideal front-end database development tool.

PowerBuilder uses the popular graphical programming interface and visual way, through the introduction of unique data window object, so programmers can visually complete operation of the database. PowerBuilder provides almost all the popular desktop database of large databases and support, while it itself comes with a small database management system Sybase SQL Anywhere. PowerBuilder supports multiple hardware platforms, it can not only cross-platform sharing programs in a variety of objects, also supports cross-platform application development and distribution, significantly reducing programmer transplant program on different platforms workload.

This CD is for those with certain WINDOWS programming experience, you want to use or would like to conduct in-depth understanding of database applications using PowerBuilder development prepared by the reader. In the study of a compact disc, we adopt a practical example of PowerBuilder with you quick access to the wonderful world. Then add an instance of the way through the principle of detailed PowerBuilder to you the basic principles and various high-level functional programming techniques. In this study CD-ROM, you can not only learn to use basic PowerBuilder application development necessary application object, window, control, menu, and the data window object, POWERSCRIPT language and other basic elements of the theory and use of technology, and more can be learned in the application procedures used in the user object, the debugger, print, use the reports, data pipelines, data window advanced technology, distributed computing, and other write powerful applications that need high-quality core technology. From this point of view, this CD has some of the PowerBuilder-based readers, also has great reference value.

Involved in the development of the teaching CD-ROM are being used PowerBuilder database application development for the young university teachers and graduate students, they have a wealth of practical programming experience in PowerBuilder development tool relying on the love that they put their years of study and use the proceeds to PowerBuilder the experience of selfless dedication to the majority of readers. Sincerely hope that you learn through this CD will become Senior PowerBuilder developer a member.

Chapter What is PowerBuilder
PowerBuilder start learning, first to make clear what the problem is that PowerBuilder, it is used to doing, what its characteristics. PowerBuilder only know the functions and characteristics of the host, we can know when to use PowerBuilder as our application development tools.

1.1 What is PowerBuilder

We know that the database application is the current computer applications a very important aspect of database applications in the current technology is widely used in client / server architecture, in this architecture, all the data and database management systems on the server, the client through the use of standard SQL statements, etc. to access the server data in the database. Because of this architecture, the data and data management are unified on the server. To ensure data security and integrity, but also can take advantage of the characteristics of high-performance servers. Because client / server architecture of these advantages, and have been very widely used.

PowerBuilder is a popular database application development tool manufacturer PowerSoft launched products (PowerSoft database vendor Sybase has been acquired), it is entirely in accordance with client / server architecture, research design, client / server architecture, it used client machine, as the database application development tools exist. As the use of object-oriented PowerBuilder and visualization technology to provide visual application development environment, so we use the PowerBuilder, you can quickly and easily develop a server using the background data and database management systems database applications.

In the present, the rapid development of network technology, there followed the development of OLE, OCX, cross-platform technology, but in the latest version of PowerBuilder 6.0 PowerBuilder provides full support for these technologies. In short in the areas of database development tool, PowerBuilder is one of the very good one, we can use it to develop powerful database applications.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Pause slideshow tips

In the slide show, if the intermission, or insert other topics, you can switch to a black screen or a slide
Screened black and white rather than to continue to broadcast at any time.

The specific method is pressed into black and white w, b into a black screen. We should continue to broadcast as long as you can press the space bar.

Expert Comment:
For more information on keyboard shortcuts, press F1 when you can play.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

AOC and NEC's high-end chess game

AOC very strong growth last year, according to data provided by them indicated that their annual sales volume has reached 1.6 million scale. Regardless of the data correctly or not, on this production-based companies to achieve such low volumes strange Erju, because they have the OEM number of Juda volume, very often on the AOC is indeed a product of the Xiang Hu Gong Chang out competition.

The resulting problems, as well as quality control for various differences in design and build the essential difference between brands. Also led to the introduction of the same plant completely different product acceptance.

But the AOC is very optimistic. They think that the LCD industry chain of unique advantages, have no fear that the local competition, and now, their LCD production capacity has more than 30 million units / year scale. However, AOC own high-end brand in the field is still quite blank.

Thus, in the December 15, 2005, when NEC announced that in cooperation with the AOC, when display sales, it is a significant brand awareness, and its competitors have long informed the author, AOC promote independence and less successful high-end brands , up the NEC is not surprising.

NEC in the CRT era, a fairly good reputation, is synonymous with high quality displays, but into the LCD, the domestic market does not appear, combined with Mitsubishi's all kinds of disputes, and did not catch up with the national outbreak of the crystal night scene. Although the NEC is also actively promoting the products as LED backlit display and try to enter the medical field, do not touch on the major domestic users.

NEC re-development effort in the Mainland market will need a good marketing channels and brand new building, which AOC is really a great news, and, through co-operation, is conducive to the production of AOC on the near-rigid type of thinking for positive change.

But in essence, now is not the powerful combination of the two win-win strategy, but the weak state of weak cooperation, profound feelings. In building the brand, NEC and AOC are quite vulnerable. But they do not worry, relatively healthy state of mind and approach will help the brand value of AOC reshaping, AOC side said that they are to learn, and thus set the next three years, NEC LCD market, accounting for about 8% share, sufficient for the NEC broke into the top five market share rankings.

However, high-end brand and has never been called out, but on products made out of a down. The scene put out the limitations of products is the typical portrayal of AOC manufacturing thinking, limited to 19-inch The following is a very practical strategies that benefit sales, it may not be useful in shaping the brand image.

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