Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PowerBuilder acquaintance

PowerBuilder is the most popular database front-end development tools, and this is no doubt. Those who have used PowerBuilder programmers have a common experience, that is, relative to other client / server development tool case, PowerBuilder development environment provides not only convenient, extremely powerful functionality, is the ideal front-end database development tool.

PowerBuilder uses the popular graphical programming interface and visual way, through the introduction of unique data window object, so programmers can visually complete operation of the database. PowerBuilder provides almost all the popular desktop database of large databases and support, while it itself comes with a small database management system Sybase SQL Anywhere. PowerBuilder supports multiple hardware platforms, it can not only cross-platform sharing programs in a variety of objects, also supports cross-platform application development and distribution, significantly reducing programmer transplant program on different platforms workload.

This CD is for those with certain WINDOWS programming experience, you want to use or would like to conduct in-depth understanding of database applications using PowerBuilder development prepared by the reader. In the study of a compact disc, we adopt a practical example of PowerBuilder with you quick access to the wonderful world. Then add an instance of the way through the principle of detailed PowerBuilder to you the basic principles and various high-level functional programming techniques. In this study CD-ROM, you can not only learn to use basic PowerBuilder application development necessary application object, window, control, menu, and the data window object, POWERSCRIPT language and other basic elements of the theory and use of technology, and more can be learned in the application procedures used in the user object, the debugger, print, use the reports, data pipelines, data window advanced technology, distributed computing, and other write powerful applications that need high-quality core technology. From this point of view, this CD has some of the PowerBuilder-based readers, also has great reference value.

Involved in the development of the teaching CD-ROM are being used PowerBuilder database application development for the young university teachers and graduate students, they have a wealth of practical programming experience in PowerBuilder development tool relying on the love that they put their years of study and use the proceeds to PowerBuilder the experience of selfless dedication to the majority of readers. Sincerely hope that you learn through this CD will become Senior PowerBuilder developer a member.

Chapter What is PowerBuilder
PowerBuilder start learning, first to make clear what the problem is that PowerBuilder, it is used to doing, what its characteristics. PowerBuilder only know the functions and characteristics of the host, we can know when to use PowerBuilder as our application development tools.

1.1 What is PowerBuilder

We know that the database application is the current computer applications a very important aspect of database applications in the current technology is widely used in client / server architecture, in this architecture, all the data and database management systems on the server, the client through the use of standard SQL statements, etc. to access the server data in the database. Because of this architecture, the data and data management are unified on the server. To ensure data security and integrity, but also can take advantage of the characteristics of high-performance servers. Because client / server architecture of these advantages, and have been very widely used.

PowerBuilder is a popular database application development tool manufacturer PowerSoft launched products (PowerSoft database vendor Sybase has been acquired), it is entirely in accordance with client / server architecture, research design, client / server architecture, it used client machine, as the database application development tools exist. As the use of object-oriented PowerBuilder and visualization technology to provide visual application development environment, so we use the PowerBuilder, you can quickly and easily develop a server using the background data and database management systems database applications.

In the present, the rapid development of network technology, there followed the development of OLE, OCX, cross-platform technology, but in the latest version of PowerBuilder 6.0 PowerBuilder provides full support for these technologies. In short in the areas of database development tool, PowerBuilder is one of the very good one, we can use it to develop powerful database applications.

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