Saturday, September 25, 2010

Juniper continues to rank Gartner report, "Leaders Quadrant"

Continuous in the SSL VPN, WAN optimization controller market analysis leading

銆怋eijing, January 14, 2007銆?leader in high-performance networking solutions company Juniper Networks (NASDAQ: JNPR) today announced that Gartner, the world's leading consulting the latest release of SSL VPN and WAN optimization controllers, "Magic Quadrant" (Magic Quadrant) report, Juniper continues to rank all the Leaders Quadrant (Leader Quadrant). The report is based on the company's implementation capacity in relevant areas and the assessment of business prospects, and make a final selection.

Gartner SSL VPN Magic Quadrant report said: "ranked the leader quadrant vendors and prospects in the study of all executive power has emerged as a stable development momentum. Their market behavior increased competition within the industry benchmark, so as to promote the industrial process . "WAN optimization controller in the report, Gartner that include leading manufacturers including Juniper," to promote the growth of the market, and can provide many business users to meet the needs of the solution. "Gartner report also noted:" In WAN optimization control of a leading area supplier, their products must have included quality of service (Quality of Service, QoS), the integrity of compression (Generic Compression), transport protocol acceleration (Protocol Acceleration), and file system acceleration (File System Acceleration) and other rich functionality, while the utility function must also be arranged through the actual network environment, the test confirmed. In addition, suppliers should also have the ability to provide sales and support of the global environment. "

"Following the end of last year in the enterprise network firewall Juniper Magic Quadrant Leaders Quadrant in the ranks, we are pleased to see Juniper SSL VPN leader ranks again and WAN optimization controllers Quadrant Leaders Quadrant," Juniper Networks in China Zhang Xiaolin, general manager, said, "Juniper Secure Access SSL VPN has become the industry standard, it is the user remote access solution on the choice last. Meanwhile, Juniper continues to work on expanding WX? platform performance to help users achieve high performance of operational capacity. Juniper will continue to be committed to providing customers fast, reliable and secure access of innovative high-performance networking products, it is our user commitment, and we have one main reason of sound over the years. "

Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) Introduction

Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) of the copyright belonging to Gartner, Inc. (September 13, 2007), by permission to use. Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) graphs to represent a period of market conditions, described according to Gartner the market for some manufacturers standards (as defined by the Gartner) derived from the analysis made by comparison. Gartner Magic Quadrant for (Magic Quadrant) in the description of any vendor, product or service simply can not be guaranteed, does not advise technology used to select only in the "Leaders" quadrant vendor. Magic Quadrant (Magic Quadrant) research purposes only and should not be as specific guidelines for action. This research reports for all of the express or implied, including sale or joint purpose in the use of any particular security, Gartner neither bear any responsibility.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaspersky: alert, "Fantasy Westward Journey" Daohao Trojan havoc

Kaspersky Labs has detected a service called "scar" of Daohao Trojan (Trojan.Win32.Scar.abnv) ravaged the network, resulting in infection of many users.

The Trojan uses UPack packers, the main target of the attack, "Fantasy Westward Journey" online games. It is usually linked through the website or download manager such as horse infect your computer. Into the computer, the Trojan will release a malicious file to a computer disk, and modify and create registry entries.

"Scar" Daohao Trojan is a major characteristic is its can run as exe, can run as a dll. Exe will be released as a load dll, but when you do run for Daohao dll. Trojan running will first examine their own start as a exe or a dll starts, although different behaviors, but the end result is the implementation of the Trojan code to steal the user's game account information online games.

Not only that, this Trojan will search for "Picture and Fax Viewer" window, and browse the picture with its intercept, the stolen account information and captured images to a remote computer, causing huge losses to computer users.

Currently, Kaspersky has been able to successfully killing "Scar" Daohao horse, we recommend that you update the virus database for killing as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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